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Quantum Programming API

Open-source package to allow programmers to harness quantum power with minimal quantum knowledge


The goal of this project is to provide a quantum programming API that will help people who want to incorporate quantum speed-ups into their classical programs much easier.

This project aims to both create the infrastructure to communicate with quantum systems and to create with that same infrastructure. We hope that our efforts in building this can lead to inspiration and further advances with the use of quantum computing in the broader computer science community. Taking the classic Lego example, we aim to actually build the legos, so that you and the rest of the community can build giant and extravagant Lego sets. We’ll be right there with you.


Project Lead:

Seun Omonije YC ‘22

Core Team:

Aidan Evans YC ‘23, Malcolm Keyes YC ‘23


This can be you!

Check out our work!

Here is the Github repo:

Here is a link to our project proposal.


If you’re interested in joining this project, please either sign up on this page or email

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