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Quantum Error Correction Study Group

A reading group exploring quantum error correction and fault tolerance


This project was started during the Spring semester of 2021, and the original project proposal can be found here. During this semester, a team of two members created a presentation on a topic related to quantum error correction each week. Going into the summmer, we will switch to a reading group format. Each week we wil have a reading addressing an aspect of quantum error correction. With the help of our graduate student mentor Alec, we will break down challenging topics, with the goal of gaining familiarity with the language and concepts of the field. The presentation slides are linked below, and the reading material will be posted going forward.

Meetings during the summer will take place weekly, currently planned for Wednesdays but potentially subject to change.


This project was originally proposed by faculty sponsor Dr. Steven Girvin and is lead by YuQC members Ben McDonough and Alex Deters.

Alec Eikbusch has generously offered his guidance and support as our graduate student mentor.

We are currently looking to expand the group during the summer! Email or if you would like to join.


Dr. Steven Girvin is our project mentor. Professor Girvin’s academic research is currently focused on ‘circuit QED,’ the quantum physics of microwave electrical circuits using superconducting Josephson junctions as artificial atoms. Check out his video “Introduction to Quantum Error Correction” for an acessible yet precise introduction to circuit QED and the problem of quantum error correction.

Previous Material

Presentations from the semester


An Introduction to Quantum Error Correction and Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation, Daniel Gottesman


If you would like to be added to the project discord, fill out the project sign-up form on the YuQC project ideas page or email

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