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Quantum Cryptography

Studying the fundamentals of quantum cryptography and implementing quantum network protocols


We are going through an edX course titled “Quantum Cryptography” to gain knowledge and experience in the field. Once a sufficient amount of fundamental concepts is learned, we will start to implement quantum network protocols for the Quantum Protocol Zoo, an open repository founded by our very own Shraddha Singh.

Project Lead:

Argyris Giannisis Manes,
Yiğit Kılıçoğlu.


Sami Alves,
Ryan Bose-Roy,
Ines Chung-Halpern,
Sofia Fausone,
Francis Fedora,
Argyris Giannisis Manes,
Yiğit Kılıçoğlu,
Allen Mi,
Will Sun,
Leonardo Zapparoli,
Barkotel Zemenu.


Shraddha Singh

Check out our work!

Project proposal

Recordings of lectures that Shraddha gave during our meetings (access restricted to Yale accounts):
Quantum Digital Signatures
Quantum Money
Quantum Key Distribution (Coming soon)


Yiğit Kılıçoğlu, email:
Argyris Giannisis Manes, email:,

If you’re interested in joining this project, please either sign up using this form or contact Yiğit or Argy.

Summer 2021 Update

Goals for summer 2021:

  • Complete the edX course
  • Update the Julia notebooks of the edX course from Julia v0.6.2 to Julia v1.6.1 (contact Yiğit if interested)
  • Contribute to the Quantum Protocol Zoo
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