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Qiskit Topological Codes: open-source tooling for topological codes built using Qiskit.


qtcodes is published on PyPI with tooling to encode, decode and benchmark XXXX/ZZZZ surface code, XZZX surface code, and repetition code!


We are building Encoder and Minimum Weight Perfect Matching Graph Decoder tools for serveral Topological Codes we wish to implement in Qiskit Ignis.

Here is the Github repo:

Here is a link to our project proposal.


The first iteration of this project was created by members Shantanu Jha ‘21, Henry Liu ‘21, Will Sun ‘22, Shraddha Singh (Grad), and Andy Ding (Grad).

The team has grown since then! Here is an updated roster:


Dr. James Wootton is our project mentor and has been incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. His Toric code tutorial is a must read for beginners in the field of QEC codes. We are currently working with Dr. Wootton to incorporate this package into Qiskit Ignis.


If you’re interested in joining this project, please either sign up on this page or email shantanu.rajesh.jha [at]

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