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Getting Started

Prospective and new YuQC members should start here.

Please take a moment to explore our site and read this post from our Fall 2020 interest meeting to learn a bit more about our organization. Then, please read through the following onboarding guide for new YuQC members.


Please fill out this membership interest form ( to join the Yale Undergrad Quantum Computing group mailing list, Discord and more. Most of our discussion is held over Discord.

Join a Project

Learn how to join existing projects and even propose new projects here. Please note that every YuQC member is required to join at least one project. That said, project topics are quite broad, ranging from open-source packages to hackathon planning.

Once you have signed up for a project, you will be added to the project team’s Discord channel, Github team (if applicable), and posted on our active members page.

Boot camp

Please run through this virtual quantum computing boot camp curated by YuQC. This boot camp is highly encouraged for all YuQC members, especially those who are actively engaging with open-source package development.

Boot camp coming soon…

Until boot camp launches, please check out our resources pages!

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  1. Energy efficient: Google’s Sycamore quantum processor. (Courtesy: Erik Lucero/Google) ↩︎

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