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Fall 2020 Interest Meeting

Virtual meeting on Nov 22nd from 1PM-1:30PM ET.

The Fall 2020 interest meeting was held on Nov 22nd, 2020 from 1:00PM to 1:30PM ET.

Thanks so much to everyone who could make it.

If you were unable to attend the event, absolutely no worries. Please take a moment to view ( email required) the recording and the slides from the meeting.


  • Over 60+ form submissions, with 30+ interest meeting attendees!
  • Each member is involved with at least one “project”: open-source project, tutorials, hackathon planning outreach, etc.
  • Next Steps
    • Fill out membership information (optional fields) on the interest form!
      • For the website, please fill out the membership blurb.
        • Optionally, please submit a photo, LinkedIn, and Github.
      • Also, submit a Github ID if you want to be added to our Github Org
      • Fill out board applications on form by Nov 25!
        • There is no requisite experience level.
        • Please just showcase the unique perspectives you bring and the directions you imagine for the club.
    • Add project ideas here.
    • Submit Logos / Banners / Shirt Designs to
    • Explore the resources on our site
    • Join the discord (channels, meetings), email for an invitation!
    • Regular meetings starting Spring 2021, though projects can start ASAP on discord!

Please fill out this membership interest form ( to join the Yale Undergrad Quantum Computing group mailing list and more.

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