Featured image of post Shantanu Jha (President 2020-21, Founder)

Shantanu Jha (President 2020-21, Founder)

President (2020-21)

Physics and Mathematics, Class of 2021

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Shantanu ’21 is a Math and Physics major and a member of Saybrook College. He founded YuQC to provide a support network to help younger or otherwise newcomer students explore the often daunting but wonderfully interdisciplinary field of quantum information science. His research spans quantum information theory work with Steven Girvin, terahertz wireless communications (6G) with Federico Capasso, and most recently, experimental quantum computation with Michel Devoret. As a member of the Devoret group, Shantanu works to implement bosonic quantum error correction codes in a superconducting cavity and ancillary transom system.

Outside of the lab, Shantanu enjoys working on open source quantum computing projects as a Quantum Advocate for IBM Qiskit, designing websites (like this one!), woodworking, and learning about innovation beyond his field. His long term goals include a PhD and lifelong career in Quantum Computing.

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