Featured image of post Seun Omonije (Board 2021-22: CS Liaison)

Seun Omonije (Board 2021-22: CS Liaison)

CS Liaison (2021-22)

Director of Open Source Projects (2020-21)

Computer Science, Class of 2022

LinkedIn | Github

Bio:   Oluseun (Seun) Omonije ‘22 is a Computer Science major from Dallas, TX in Silliman College. A two-time Google Intern, Seun got started in quantum during the summer of 2020 while attending a Google AI Quantum event. Since then, he spent a semester as a research assistant for Prof. Lin Zhong’s Efficient Computing Lab, helping to solve problems pertaining to quantum error correction, specifically optimizations to the control system between QEC decoders and physical quantum system, as well as the algorithms running within these control systems. He also contributes to the Cirq quantum computing framework, and will be working with Google Quantum AI in the summer of 2021.

Seun’s interests run throughout the quantum computing stack, including:

  • Developing consumer and enterprise applications that harness the full power of quantum systems to help with everyday life.

  • Developing toolkits that make it easier for other developers and physicsts to run experiments on quantum systems.

  • Researching and experimenting with moonshots to determine their viability and just to learn more overall.

Seun also is a member of the Yale Varsity Football team.

Why Quantum?   “Quantum computing is so interesting to me because it’s uncharted territory. There is so much to be built and so much to be learned in this field, and I want to be at the forefront of this new era.”

Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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